For more than five decades, Junnikkala has processed logs from Northern Finland to be sold all over the world. We are a responsible buyer of timber: an honest and reliable family company with roots deep in the ground. Our customers are highly satisfied with the quality of our products and appreciate our excellent service.

Junnikkala is a family company based in Kalajoki, Finland

As a buyer of timber, we know where the wood we use comes from. Because we are a family company, we consider it extremely important to always honour the principles of sustainable development.

The history of Junnikkala Sawmill

Junnikkala Sawmill was founded on 16 August 1960, with premises at Sahantie 1 in Kalajoki, Finland. That has been the address of the company’s head office ever since.

The most modern sawmills in the world

Junnikkala’s modern sawmills in Kalajoki and Oulainen use high-quality wood to produce high-standard JULA manufactured wood products.

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