Junnikkala is a family company based in Kalajoki, Finland

As a buyer of timber, we know where the wood we use comes from. Because we are a family company, we consider it extremely important to always honour the principles of sustainable development.

More than 50 years of mechanical wood processing

Junnikkala Sawmill, founded in 1960, is a family company based in Kalajoki, Finland. The head office has the same address it did more than 50 years ago, when the company was established.

Our history as a buyer of timber and processor of sawn timber goes back generations.

Our approach is always determined and brave. That's why we boast the most modern sawmills in the world, top-notch products, and superior customer service

Operations guided by the principles of sustainable development

For our family company, the forest is synonymous with continuity. Therefore, the principles of sustainable development are integrated into our work. At Junnikkala, we always think of the common future of the forest and people.

Forests are a unique part of nature. As a responsible buyer of timber, we want to contribute to their well-being.  

In accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we purchase wood in areas where it can be harvested without harm to forest diversity. Forests are home to groundwater, rivers, ponds, and lakes. They must be safeguarded. When planning logging operations, we always think of the forest as a whole.

When only the 'interest' is collected, the forest capital remains for future generations. Ecological factors are everyone’s business, important irrespective of whether you are a forest owner.

Our common future lies in the forests.

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