The most modern sawmills in the world

Junnikkala’s modern sawmills in Kalajoki and Oulainen use high-quality wood to produce high-standard JULA manufactured wood products.

The most modern of Finnish sawmills

Our sawmills convert high-quality roundwood into further-processed timber products of top quality, such as construction timber and exterior cladding panels.

OWe have invested in our sawmills for generations. Therefore, Junnikkala’s JULA manufactured wood products are second to none.

  • The Kalajoki sawmill

    Our Kalajoki sawmill specialises in sawing large pine logs for both domestic and international markets. In addition, all the spruce wood we need for further processing is sawn at the Kalajoki sawmill.

    The Kalajoki sawmill

    Our customers’ special requirements are always taken into account in the sawing.

    We produce exactly the right material for further processing. This ensures high quality along the entire production chain, all the way to the end product.

    The Kalajoki sawmill produces 200,000 m³ of sawn timber per year.

    A planing plant focusing on high quality

    Our planing plant, which operates in conjunction with the Kalajoki sawmill, creates further-processed timber products of high quality for the house-construction and joinery industries.

    Our modern planing lines convert sawn timber into various.

    • profikes
    • fully planed products
    • precision-cut items
    • end-matched tongue-and-groove products
    • specially packaged products

    We can shrink-wrap our products or package them in small bundles according to the customer’s needs. In addition, products can be equipped with a bar code or label, and it is possible to mark the ends of packages also.

    Finished products from our paint shop

    Our paint shop in Kalajoki finishes the high-quality products by painting them, in any of numerous shades, in line with the customer’s wishes. In Kalajoki, we paint up to 50,000 cubic metres of products in shades requested by customers.{

    Visiting address: Sahantie 1, 85100 Kalajoki

  • The Oulainen sawmill

    Extensive modernisation of the machinery in recent years and embracing new technology at our sawmills enable rapid response to customers’ needs and special requirements.

    Junnikkala sawmill, Oulainen

    In addition to offering customer-specific special grades and timber cut to exact measurements, we supply commonly used timber types directly from our warehouse.

    Sawn timber with quick turnaround

    Our work in Oulainen and Kalajoki is based on a customer-driven approach: quick and flexible delivery of sawn timber is a matter of honour for our family company

    At the Oulainen sawmill, customers are served by nearly twenty experts. The sawmill specialises in the processing of small-diameter tight-grain pine. The Oulainen sawmill produces 150,000 cubic metres of sawn timber per year.

    Visiting address: Yrittäjäntie 1, 86300 Oulainen

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