Sawn timber

Our high-quality JULA Sawn timber has excellent dimensional accuracy. The strongest softwoods in the world grow in Central and Northern Ostrobothnia, in Western Finland. This is the unique wood we use for our sawn timber. At Junnikkala, sawn timber is always finished to match the end user’s wishes as closely as possible.

JULA Sawn timber is dimensionally accurate

Accurate dimensions and durability are self-evident requirements in the field of high-quality wood-based construction. JULA Sawn timber has high dimensional accuracy, and its moisture content is always kept uniform.{

At Junnikkala, the quality of the sawn timber is of primary importance. Therefore, our sawn timber is always finished to match the end user’s wishes as closely as possible.

}Our JULA product family covers nearly every wood product a builder could need: [2}timber frame columns, partition wall columns, roof and base floor structures, and raw materials for the roof truss and beam industry

  • THICKNESS AND WIDTH 75 100 115 125 150 175 200 225
    16 RW RW
    19 RW RW RW
    22 W W W W W
    25 R RW RW R R
    32 RW RW RW RW RW RW
    38 RW RW RW R RW RW
    44 W W W W W W W W
    47 W W W W
    50 RW W RW RW RW RW RW
    63 RW RW W RW
    75 R RW


  • High-quality sawn timber for timber construction

    We can always provide high-quality JULA Sawn timber, delivered in accordance with your needs. Our sawn timber is always finished in consideration of moisture content, quality, length and dimensions [1}to suit the intended use, in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

    Our extra-dry (moisture 8–14%) sawn timber is dried gently in large compartment kilns equipped with pneumatic presses.Our sawn timber is always dried artificially within a tolerance of two per cent of the desired moisture content.

    Details are important to us. Therefore, we pay special attention to the appearance of our products’ packages.

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