Timber sales

At Junnikkala, we know the origin of all the wood we use, and our in-house forestry department is in charge of timber trade operations.

The steps of the timber trade process

Our experienced buyers of timber and the forest owner always decide together on any special measures to be carried out during regeneration felling, such as the protection of retention trees or springs.

Find your nearest buyer of timber

The forest experts in our forestry department are highly motivated and well-trained forestry professionals. Log yields from our logging operations are known to be very high. This translates to significant financial benefits for both the forest owner and Junnikkala.

Why sell wood to us?

Our timber procurement is based on confidential long-term co-operation with forest owners, benefiting both parties.

A network of reliable partners

We want to be a preferred timber trade partner. We engage in close co-operation with local logging contractors and logging equipment operators in thinning and harvesting projects.

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