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The forest experts in our forestry department are highly motivated and well-trained forestry professionals. Log yields from our logging operations are known to be very high. This translates to significant financial benefits for both the forest owner and Junnikkala.

Junnikkala’s forest experts

Our timber buyers are familiar with the management of commercial forests and with local environmental conditions.

Our forest experts provide assistance and various services for forest owners selling wood. They take into account all the important factors related to timber transactions and harvesting. Invite one of our forest experts for a forest visit to discuss your stand to be marked for felling. You can find your nearest buyer of timber by consulting the map or the list – please don't hesitate to get in contact!

  • Procurement area

    • Heikki Pietikäinen

      Heikki Pietikäinen

      • Forestry manager
    • Simo Sarkkinen

      Simo Sarkkinen

      • Logging supervisor, south
    • Jouni Väisänen

      Jouni Väisänen

      • Logging supervisor, north
    • Eija Manninen

      Eija Manninen

      • Ledger keeper
    • Markus Vuollet

      Markus Vuollet

      • Forest expert
      • Kalajoki, Lohtaja, Kannus, Pyhäjoki
    • Risto Härö

      Risto Härö

      • Forest expert
      • Vihanti, Merijärvi, Oulainen
    • Mikko Kemppainen

      Mikko Kemppainen

      • Forest expert
      • Toholampi, Kaustinen, Veteli, Halsua, Lestijärvi, Perho, Vimpeli, Lappajärvi, Kälviä, Ullava
    • Seppo Joki-Erkkilä

      Seppo Joki-Erkkilä

      • Forest expert
      • Ylivieska, Alavieska, Sievi, Nivala, Reisjärvi, Haapajärvi
    • Joonas Peltosaari

      Joonas Peltosaari

      • Forest expert
      • Ylivieska, Alavieska, Sievi, Nivala, Reisjärvi, Haapajärvi
    • Kai Pelkonen

      Kai Pelkonen

      • Forest expert
      • Lumijoki, Liminka, Siikajoki, Raahe, Rantsila, Tyrnävä
    • Pertti Moilanen

      Pertti Moilanen

      • Forest expert
      • Hailuoto, Ii, Haukipudas, Yli-Ii, Kiiminki, Kuivaniemi, Oulu, Kempele, Oulunsalo, Tyrnävä, Muhos, Utajärvi, Vaala
    • Juhani Hintsala

      Juhani Hintsala

      • Forest expert
      • Kärsämäki, Pulkkila, Piippola, Kestilä, Haapavesi ja Pyhäntä

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