The steps of the timber trade process

Our experienced buyers of timber and the forest owner always decide together on any special measures to be carried out during regeneration felling, such as the protection of retention trees or springs.

 1 How timber transactions begin

Puukauppa käynnistyy yhteydenotolla

A timber transaction between a forest owner and Junnikkala begins when the forest owner or a representative thereof contacts one of the forest experts in our Forestry Department, often with regeneration felling in mind.

Alternatively, our forest expert may initiate a timber transaction by contacting a forest owner.

 2 From timber selling plan to timber

Puunmyyntisuunnitelmasta puukauppaan

A timber selling plan is drafted for the stand identified, if such a plan does not already exist. Puunmyyntisuunnitelman ja metsäkäynnin perusteella metsäasiantuntijamme tekee metsänomistajalle. For Junnikkala’s forest expert, the timber selling plan is a guide to the forest owner’s stand marked for felling. On the basis of the plan and a forest visit, our forest expert makes a timber sales offer [1}to the forest owner

 3 Timber sales offer for forest owner

Puukauppatarjous metsänomistajalle

The timber sales offer made by our forest expert is based on the timber selling plan concerning regeneration felling

The offer includes details of matters such as the wood grades to be harvested, including dimension and quality requirements. In addition, the offer covers the unit price for logs.

 4 Negotiating details of timber transactions

Puun myyntineuvotteluissa hiotaan yksityiskohdat

The timber sales offer related to regeneration felling serves as the basis for negotiating the details of the transaction between the forest owner and the buyer of timber.

Also considered are the principles of sustainable development for harvesting, required for forest certification. We always take into account [2}the forest owner’s wishes surrounding matters such as retention trees and the protection of particular nature values.

 5 Harvesting

Leimikon korjuu

Once both the forest owner and our forest expert are satisfied with the timber sales offer, [2}the planned harvesting can take place.

Regeneration felling is carried out by our regular contractors, who use modern, efficient equipment.

Our contractors’ machinery is equipped with software for accurate marking for bucking, to maximise the value of the harvested area.

The saw log portion is cut first, followed by other wood grades.

The forest owner or representative may always monitor the harvesting to ensure that it is in line with the terms of sale agreed upon.

 6 Post-harvest report

Puukaupan loppuselvitys

After the harvesting is completed, our forest expert prepares and presents a report [2}to the forest owner or representative thereof on the wood grades obtained from the stand

In connection with sales transactions with us, it is also possible to receive a tax deduction for the voluntary sales-promotion fee collected by the Finnish Forest Foundation. The purpose of the fee is to promote sales of Finnish wood products.

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